Welcome to my first post !

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Welcome to Views from the closet. I am a voice over artist, trying to get going in the business. Through this blog I will share the frustrations and triumphs as I move forward , and whatever else gets me going !

    The biggest thing that’s got me right now. Why don’t people return emails ? positive or negative , a return answer would be nice !  I’m sure you would be pissed if you sent an email to someone and they ignored you. Just a yes , no ,or forget it,  would be nice. No complicated answer required. But, in today’s society, it’s easier to ignore than answer.

Thanks for reading !  Thoughts , good or bad , are welcome.

One thought on “Welcome to my first post !

    Tim Marrin said:
    May 27, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    Hi Steve, I was wondering about people returning your e-mails. Is it possible that your e-mails went into their SPAM folder? If you sent out a group e-mail to a number of addresses it might end up there and they never saw it. Just an idea.


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