Leaving on a jetplane !

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One week from today I will be skyward bound for the Dominican Republic . Excitement and fear , combined together , are moving through my body. Questions keep popping in my head , ” Am I ready ? ” , ” Can I do it ? ” , ” Will god work through me ? “. I know I am supposed to go , because God supplied all the money I needed to raise within just a few weeks !  I didn’t seek donations they just came !  My first donation of $500 came the day I said I was going !  So , I have no doubt in my mind I am to go.

I will be traveling with a group from my home church. We are going for 10 days. We will be visiting a church in Tamboril which we helped start and support. This will be my first trip, although it is the fourth trip down for some. It will be the first trip were we will not be under a bigger group, a huge step for us. Expectation is high for great things.

If I can, I will attempt to keep you posted. If not I will fill you in on my return. Prayers, positive thoughts , or whatever you believe , would be greatly appreciated by all. To all who read this blog , thanks !  I’ll be back in touch soon ! God bless !

So it begins……….

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So it begins , the rewriting of southern history. The removal of all things pertaining to the civil war, only on the southern side , no mention of anything on the northern side. The way everyone was crying for the removal of the stars and bars  I thought ,  once it was gone , the world would break into song and joyous celebration. As I feared , it is only the beginning. We must now remove all reference to any person , place , or thing  of the Southern Confederacy .They were all just a bunch of racist and slave beaters anyway. So we’ll dig up bodies and remove statues to cleanse us from this nasty disease of history. Then we will all feel better , racism will be gone , and a glorious new day will dawn over the southern states !

What will we teach our children about this period ? Will it be a watered down version of the true history , or a feel good tale about the great northern saviors who rescued the south from their evil deeds ! I agree that some fought to keep slavery but , not all who fought and died did so for that reason. Now we toss aside those who died as worthless lost lives. I feel sorry for our children’s children, who will not hear or learn, of this important period of our American history. Believe me , it will be removed from our history books.

Just to clarify, I was not born or raised in the south. I am from a small town in upstate NY. I know of no one in my family who fought in war or had, or , kept slaves.

What is being done to change southern history will not stop there ! Will the American flag be the next target for removal , because it offends people ?

What’s it mean to you ?

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It’s Memorial Day , what’s it mean to you ? Does it mean , no work , picnics , the lake , beer……… ? Let’s not forget the real reason for the day. Remembrance of those, who gave their lives, so you can do whatever it is you do on this day. This is not about whether  you believe war is right or wrong. This is about the men and women who answered the call of their country and gave their all for that country. From the Revolutionary War to todays conflicts ,  men and woman have stepped foward to volunteer for their country , knowing that they may not return.  I’m  not going to jump up on the soapbox and preach to you       the rights and wrongs ,or ,life and death , I’ll leave that to the selfserving. Just remember,  when you pop that top or flip that burger ,say a prayer of thanks to those no longer here.

Thank you to those who answered the call. Blessings to those familys who have loved ones gone. God Bless !

Life Changes.

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Well , it’s been one year since my mom passed away. Sometimes life changes such as this make you rethink your life prioritys.I was a truck driver at the time. It was something I had been doing for close to 30 years.  I had just loaded in Ohio, with a load that was  headed home. Unfortunately due to federal regs I did not have the time to get home. So I was taking my break near where I had loaded , when I got the call. My mom was fading quickly and I was stuck. Break the law or hope she holds on till I get home ? After much inner arguing I decided not to break the law , just take my break .  Unfortunately mom continued to get worse , she was waiting for me to get home. I had to do something I hope no one has to do, I had to tell my mother , over the phone , It was ok to go don’t wait for me to get home. 30 minutes later she was gone.

It was at this point I decided, after 30 years of moving stuff around the country, that was enough ! So I stepped away from the only thing I had known for so long. A weight was lifted from my shoulders. But , what to do know ? For years people had been telling me I should do radio or commercials.  I found a class at the local community college , ” How to make money with your voice.”  The class was given by a company called Voicecoaches out of Albany NY.  It was just an informational class about voice overs and what was involved to do it. After years of fence-sitting, I jumped off !  Signed up with Voicecoaches, took the classes , cut my demo , now the work begins ! I know that my mother is looking down with a smile. Wish I hadn’t of waited so long.

Welcome to my first post !

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Welcome to Views from the closet. I am a voice over artist, trying to get going in the business. Through this blog I will share the frustrations and triumphs as I move forward , and whatever else gets me going !

    The biggest thing that’s got me right now. Why don’t people return emails ? positive or negative , a return answer would be nice !  I’m sure you would be pissed if you sent an email to someone and they ignored you. Just a yes , no ,or forget it,  would be nice. No complicated answer required. But, in today’s society, it’s easier to ignore than answer.

Thanks for reading !  Thoughts , good or bad , are welcome.