Leaving on a jetplane !

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One week from today I will be skyward bound for the Dominican Republic . Excitement and fear , combined together , are moving through my body. Questions keep popping in my head , ” Am I ready ? ” , ” Can I do it ? ” , ” Will god work through me ? “. I know I am supposed to go , because God supplied all the money I needed to raise within just a few weeks !  I didn’t seek donations they just came !  My first donation of $500 came the day I said I was going !  So , I have no doubt in my mind I am to go.

I will be traveling with a group from my home church. We are going for 10 days. We will be visiting a church in Tamboril which we helped start and support. This will be my first trip, although it is the fourth trip down for some. It will be the first trip were we will not be under a bigger group, a huge step for us. Expectation is high for great things.

If I can, I will attempt to keep you posted. If not I will fill you in on my return. Prayers, positive thoughts , or whatever you believe , would be greatly appreciated by all. To all who read this blog , thanks !  I’ll be back in touch soon ! God bless !

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