So it begins……….

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So it begins , the rewriting of southern history. The removal of all things pertaining to the civil war, only on the southern side , no mention of anything on the northern side. The way everyone was crying for the removal of the stars and bars  I thought ,  once it was gone , the world would break into song and joyous celebration. As I feared , it is only the beginning. We must now remove all reference to any person , place , or thing  of the Southern Confederacy .They were all just a bunch of racist and slave beaters anyway. So we’ll dig up bodies and remove statues to cleanse us from this nasty disease of history. Then we will all feel better , racism will be gone , and a glorious new day will dawn over the southern states !

What will we teach our children about this period ? Will it be a watered down version of the true history , or a feel good tale about the great northern saviors who rescued the south from their evil deeds ! I agree that some fought to keep slavery but , not all who fought and died did so for that reason. Now we toss aside those who died as worthless lost lives. I feel sorry for our children’s children, who will not hear or learn, of this important period of our American history. Believe me , it will be removed from our history books.

Just to clarify, I was not born or raised in the south. I am from a small town in upstate NY. I know of no one in my family who fought in war or had, or , kept slaves.

What is being done to change southern history will not stop there ! Will the American flag be the next target for removal , because it offends people ?

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