What’s it mean to you ?

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It’s Memorial Day , what’s it mean to you ? Does it mean , no work , picnics , the lake , beer……… ? Let’s not forget the real reason for the day. Remembrance of those, who gave their lives, so you can do whatever it is you do on this day. This is not about whether  you believe war is right or wrong. This is about the men and women who answered the call of their country and gave their all for that country. From the Revolutionary War to todays conflicts ,  men and woman have stepped foward to volunteer for their country , knowing that they may not return.  I’m  not going to jump up on the soapbox and preach to you       the rights and wrongs ,or ,life and death , I’ll leave that to the selfserving. Just remember,  when you pop that top or flip that burger ,say a prayer of thanks to those no longer here.

Thank you to those who answered the call. Blessings to those familys who have loved ones gone. God Bless !

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