Life Changes.

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Well , it’s been one year since my mom passed away. Sometimes life changes such as this make you rethink your life prioritys.I was a truck driver at the time. It was something I had been doing for close to 30 years.  I had just loaded in Ohio, with a load that was  headed home. Unfortunately due to federal regs I did not have the time to get home. So I was taking my break near where I had loaded , when I got the call. My mom was fading quickly and I was stuck. Break the law or hope she holds on till I get home ? After much inner arguing I decided not to break the law , just take my break .  Unfortunately mom continued to get worse , she was waiting for me to get home. I had to do something I hope no one has to do, I had to tell my mother , over the phone , It was ok to go don’t wait for me to get home. 30 minutes later she was gone.

It was at this point I decided, after 30 years of moving stuff around the country, that was enough ! So I stepped away from the only thing I had known for so long. A weight was lifted from my shoulders. But , what to do know ? For years people had been telling me I should do radio or commercials.  I found a class at the local community college , ” How to make money with your voice.”  The class was given by a company called Voicecoaches out of Albany NY.  It was just an informational class about voice overs and what was involved to do it. After years of fence-sitting, I jumped off !  Signed up with Voicecoaches, took the classes , cut my demo , now the work begins ! I know that my mother is looking down with a smile. Wish I hadn’t of waited so long.

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